Veterinarian Supervised Boarding

If you’re like us, then you prefer to take your best buddies with you whenever you can. Sometimes it just can’t be done and you need to find a place you can trust to look after your friends. We have excellent boarding facilities at Rosemont Veterninary Hospital. We have large runs for bigger dogs and spacious crates for smaller dogs and cats. Everyone gets a comfy blanket and plenty of water. If you prefer you can even bring a blanket from home to make their stay more comfortable. All of our boarding dogs get taken out three times a day to stretch their legs and have some human contact time. Our technicians and veterinarians are constantly monitoring our boarding guests to ensure their health during their stay.
We can feed your dog or cat our food or we’re more than happy to feed them food that you supply us with, maybe including a favorite treat to remind them of home. We can also give your friends any medications they need while they are staying with us. Lastly, before they check out, we can give them a bath for you so they are in tip-top shape when you are reunited with them.If you like, we’d love to email a photo to you while you are away so you can keep up with your friends.



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