The tables have turned…

riley-2-18I have written about my very best friend in the world before, probably to the point of inducing nausea in many of my readers. I apologize, and brace yourselves, I am going to do it again. Many of you know that I rescued Whitney when she was about 10 weeks old. The Pasadena Animal Control thought she had been used as bait in a dog fighting ring when they picked her up. She came to me at the clinic battered and bruised. She had lacerations exposing both of her jugular veins, she had deep punctures on her abdomen, her hips, and under her tail. She was a mess. After a prolonged surgery, too many stitches to count, and some serious wound care, she opened her eyes after surgery, and locked her eyes on me. That was it. From that day 5 years ago forward, we have been inseparable. She truly is the greatest companion I have ever, and likely will ever, have the honor of knowing.

Every single day of my life for the past 5 years has been marked by laughter, thanks to Whitney. And I am not talking about a smirk, I mean flat out belly laughter. She is the naughtiest, most irreverent creature I have ever met. I laughed the many times I caught her in the cupboard deciding what she would steal, laughed when she walked through the house with the potato chip bag stuck on her head, and looked startled when she was busted for scavenging. She burps better than any frat boy you will meet, and usually at the most inopportune moments imaginable. There was the time at the beach when the nice woman told Whitney what a pretty little lady she was, and Whitney replied with the loudest, wateriest, most revolting burp to date. We laughed, but tried to hide it like parents of a naughty toddler, we thought it would encourage her behavior.  I laugh every time I turn on the vacuum cleaner and she gathers up all her stuffed animals, her “babies” and takes them outside for safety.Then I laugh when she ferries them all back in when the vacuuming is over. I really laughed the day I walked into the kitchen and she was sound asleep on my kitchen table. Even while I took pictures, she didn’t even budge, she was snoring. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day, and she had the warmest seat in the house. I laugh when I find bones and Greenies of her’s buried throughout the house for a rainy day, under my pillow, in the sofa, behind the big chair. I even eventually found humor in the day that I got pulled over because Whitney was so entertaining to the nice policeman. She knows she is not allowed to bark at cars that pass us, so she silently curls up her nose and bites the air as the cars pass. She didn’t realize that the car she did that to ten times on Foothill Blvd was Officer Friendly. He told me she was so funny that he had to share it with me, and that she made his day–what he didn’t know is that she makes my day–every day.

Today was different though, because today, Whitney made me cry. Today, we confirmed that Whitney has a mast cell tumor, a type of malignancy (read cancer) on her leg. These tumors have the potential to be very aggressive and invasive, and they need to be removed rather aggressively. So, this Thursday, the tables will be turned. I will be the nervous mommy who drops her best friend in the world off at the board certified surgeon’s office for her surgery. And I imagine, that will be the second day in 5 years that Whitney will make me cry.

Please keep Whitney in your thoughts during her surgery on Thursday. She will likely have a long recovery and we will keep all of her fans posted on her status. I leave you with one of my favorite pictures of Whitney, I am pretty sure she will make you laugh too!!!


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