The Heat is Here

Did you know that on a hot sunny day with air temps in the mid 90’s the sidewalk can be anywhere from 125F to 150F depending what its made of?  That’s far too hot for the pads on the bottom of your dog’s feet.  At 140F your dog is risking quickly burning their feet and possibly causing long term damage.  If you can’t rest your hand on the surface you want your dog to walk on for at least three seconds without it being painful, then it’s too hot for them.   You would think this is common sense, but every year we see a few cases where people have taken their dog hiking in the middle of the day on 100F days and are then shocked that this happens and equally shocked by the bill for treatment.

When it’s super hot outside:

  • Take your dog out to exercise early morning or late evening when its cooler and take plenty of water.
  • If they look like they’re overheating they probably are.  Dogs cannot sweat so its hard for them to keep cool.  Ice cubes in water can be a good way to cool them off.
  • If they are really struggling to cool off, getting them soaking wet by hosing them down or getting them into a pool will help.  Don’t try to lower their temperature too fast.
  • Finally, and so obviously that we really can’t believe we even have to say it (but we do), DON’T LEAVE YOUR PET IN THE CAR ON A HOT DAY.  When its 90F outside, your car can get up to 160F in less than 10 minutes.  This can be fatal to your pet in 15 minutes or less.  We pride ourselves on being great veterinarians, but we cannot fix fatal.

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