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We always appreciate feedback and we’d like to share a few recent reviews with you.  You can see all our reviews here:


“Excellent service!!! My dogs mean the world to me, seeing as how when I came home from war they were the only two friends I had on earth. I want the best life and healthcare I could give for all the joy and happiness they bring to my life. I recently moved from out of draw and was recommended to take them here, 100% these people are all about making sure they both stay healthy. Thank you for The great service and caring hearts.  USMC.”

“Thanks you for helping me De SKUNK my poor cat MOLLY. When every other groomer and vet in the area turned me down, you said YES. Not only that but you were kind and supportive. Your office staff was delightful and Jeremy, your Vet Tech, was so nice. So thank you and i will be happy to refer you.”


“Gabi and Ginger were treated like queens while we were on vacation. Can dogs smile?”

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  • March 12, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    I have been going to see Dr. O’Dywer for the last 4 years. Her and her staff are truly special. I think as a dog owner you just want you pets to feel confortable and at home wherever they are. At Rosemount this is what my dogs and I have found. I have run for circle with Rosemont….I have brought in a new puppy and have had to take my 12 year old dog there to leave for the “rainbow bridge”. Whatever the experinece is that day I always feel that I am with people that LOVE my pets. I would recommend Rosemont, Dr. O’Dwyer, and er staff to anyone….they are fantastic.


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