Weight Management

It is estimated weight1that approximately 50% of companion animals are overweight and of those, about half are obese. Obesity is a serious condition that can predispose our four legged family members to osteoarthritis, hormonal imbalances, metabolic abnormalities, and more. In fact, obese pets live, on average, 2 years shorter than lean pets. In addition to the medical side effects, obesity damages the relationship you have with your pet, as these pets are often too sluggish to interact and play in the manner they once did.

The veterinary team at Rosemont Veterinary Hospital would like to help. We are available for weight and diet consultations, exercise suggestions, healthy snacking advice and more. We would like to develop a customized plan for you and your pet. Call us today at 818-957-2451 and see how you might be able to add years to your pet’s life!