Sometimes your pet may require surgery and we know how important it is for you to understand the procedure and feel safe leaving your friend in our care. At Rosemont Veterinary Hospital we perform many surgical procedures including spay/neuter surgeries, mass removals, laceration repairs, exploratory surgeries, biopsies, and amputations to name only a few.
We pride ourselves on making every procedure as safe as possible, using our state of the art monitoring equipment and the combined years of experience of our doctors and technicians. Every surgical patient is admitted to our hospital and receives a complete physical exam by a veterinarian.

All pets undergoing a procedure have a complete blood panel evaluated to ensure that they are safe candidates for anesthesia.
Every patient has blood pressure, blood oxygen content, and body temperature measured by a designated veterinary technician throughout the entire surgical event. Surgical patients also receive intravenous fluids throughout the anesthetic event to maintain adequate hydration and blood pressure. This individualized one-on-one care is what we would want for our own pets so it’s what we want for yours too.

Surgery for your pet can seem expensive, we totally get it and price shopping to find the best deal is understandable. Just make sure to ask what’s included in the price since like most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for.