para1Did you know that some internal and external parasites that your dog or cat has can be transmitted to you and your family?! The doctors and staff of Rosemont Veterinary Hospital make parasite prevention a priority. We strive to keep both your pet and the rest of your family healthy and parasite free. We recommend routine deworming for all puppies and kittens, and at least annual exams and parasite checks for all adult patients.

Unfortunately, heartworm has arrived in Southern California. There have been many confirmed cases of heartworm infection in our area. We know this may be a disease you have not heard much about and we encourage you to call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your pet’s risk factors. Come in today for your pet’s heartworm test and to begin heartworm preventatives.  Fleas, ticks, heartworm, and intestinal parasites are not only unpleasant to think about, they can be detrimental to your pet’s longevity and overall wellbeing. We recommend year-round flea and heartworm prevention for all patients, and annual heartworm examinations. Rosemont Veterinary Hospital adheres to the parasite treatment and prevention recommendations of the CAPC