Saying goodbye is never easy

A bit of a melancholy post today, but unfortunately a big part of what we do as a team here at Rosemont is to help our clients say goodbye to their friends. Sometimes, those friends are very dear friends to us too. Today we said goodbye to Katie, a tiny Dachsund with a great big heart. Over the years, Katie stole the hearts of everyone at Rosemont.  Everyone would drop what they were doing to give her a kiss every time she came in, and her little tail wagged nonstop, even when she was very sick. Katie is going to be missed by us all. Many a tear was shed around here this afternoon–even by the toughest of us!

“With great love comes great sadness,” is what her mom said to us today, and how true that is. Our pets give us not just great love, but unconditional love, loyalty and nonjudgmental acceptance. And they ask nothing in return.
Have you hugged your pet today? If not, go hug ’em. If it again! 🙂

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