Meet the staff Monday-Sarah

sarahSarah is a veterinary assistant at Rosemont. You may recognize her as the girl that takes the history on your pet before the doctor comes in, or the person who assists the doctor with treatments and procedures. Maybe you think you know her as the girl who bathes your pet, or walks them when they are boarding. You are right-Sarah does all of that and more!

Sarah was born in Sierra Madre, California and grew up mostly in Oregon. She attended La Salle High School, and then Platt College. Sarah is currently pursuing her RVT license.

Sarah’s favorite part of working at Rosemont is being a part of a group of people, vets and support staff alike who share such an amazing love for animals.
In her spare time, Sarah enjoys riding horses, hiking and camping. She shares her home with a 3 year old rescued cat named Toby.


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