Meet the staff Monday-Ian

avatarIan, also known as “the other Dr. O’Dwyer,” was born and raised in the small fishing town of Lowestoft in East Anglia, England.

Ian attended Cambridge University where he received degrees in engineering and business. He worked as an investment banker in both England and Japan before he decided it was time for a change. From there Ian pursued a doctoral degree from the University of Illinois in Astronomy. This opened doors for Ian at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Canada.

For his third career, Ian is truly the man of every talent at Rosemont. He is in charge of much of the business development, website, advertising, technical support, client relations, and more. Ian is also an avid photographer and is responsible for the beautiful portraits decorating our clinic.  Ian has samples of his work on his pet photography website where he showcases beautiful, timeless portraits of pets of all shapes and sizes.

Ian is very involved in the local community, and lends his time to several charitable causes. His favorite part of working at Rosemont is being a part of a team and having the opportunity to meet so many interesting clients while helping their pets.

When Ian isn’t hard at work at Rosemont, he can be found spending time with his daughter Violet, running, cycling, golfing, and woodworking. He also loves to travel and has seen most of the world!  Next time you see Ian, stop and chat, he is full of interesting stories!


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