Gifts for Doglovers

We’re kicking off the holiday season with some gift ideas for doglovers.  Cat people do not fear, your gift guide will be coming soon!  Both of our dogs are chewers and destroyers of toys, so we’re always on the lookout for something different to get them.

In no particular order, here are our top gift ideas for doglovers.  (Please note some of these ideas contain affiliate links.)


    1. Cycle Dog Leashes and collars.  We love these guys and carry their leashes, collars and dog bowls in the hospital.  Made in America from recycled bicycle inner tubes, they are very sturdy and long-lasting.  The range of colors and designs is pretty amazing (Chicago flag collar anyone?!) and each leash and collar has a built-in bottle opener so not only is your dog a happy puppy, you are too!  Since we started carrying their products a few years ago they have a vastly expanded range of product offerings like blankets and harnesses, so head on over to to check them out and get yours before Christmas.
    2. Kong ClassicOK, not very original, but you know what, these toys last longer in our house than any other.  Our border collie puppy has destroyed everything in his path the last year, but his blue Kong is still going strong.  We also love the ability to stuff treats inside that keeps them busy for a while.  Some of the other Kong products are good, but we like the old school Classic.  You can get them at Amazon by clicking here, or at pet stores everywhere.
    3. Rawhide. This is always a favorite in our house.  The dogs love it and if you get the right size for your dog it can keep them occupied for a good while.  It can also help keep their teeth in good shape.  You will find this stuff from all over the world.  We prefer the American made with no preservatives like this one.  A few more bucks for sure, but worth it to us.  There are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there and at your local pet store, including flavored options.
    4. Dog Activity Tracker.  These are newer devices, but if you have a dog (like our own Whitney) that likes to roam the neighborhood (sometimes for hours), these trackers can be great.  They sync up to your smart phone and provide location info as well as giving you fitness tracker type info about your furry pal.  We’re less bothered about the “fitness” aspect of it, but the location tracking is awesome.  There are multiple options out there, although we like the Whistle 3 on amazon which is very well reviewed.  The FitBark 2 is also popular, although we haven’t tried it ourselves.

Hopefully that list gives you some ideas for the dog on your gift list this Holiday season.  If you have other ideas, feel free to comment below and share them with us!


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