Covid-19 Update

We will be updating this post regularly with updates on our response to Covid-19. We are doing our best to balance the public health risks of the virus with the need to stay available to our clients and their pets during this time, but please be aware that this is a very fluid situation that could change at any time.

All of us are watching Covid-19 impact not just Los Angeles and California, but the whole world. Rosemont Veterinary Hospital is implementing a plan to keep services running during this difficult time.

Our first priority is the health and welfare of our staff, clients and patients. We ask that all individuals who are feeling ill please call to reschedule visits for another time. All appointments will be handled as drop offs, or if an in person appointment is necessary we will minimize person to person contact, discontinue the use of exam rooms and limit the reception area to one client at a time. We will also be available for in depth phone conversations with clients.

We want to stress that meeting this criteria does NOT mean we will not see your pet.  We will make sure that your pet is taken care of but we must do this as safely as possible.  If Dr. O’Dwyer or our staff becomes ill, we will not have the ability to keep the hospital open.

Our staff have been instructed to stay home if they are feeling ill.  This may result in staffing shortages in the clinic.  Please have patience with us, we will do our best to make sure everyone is taken care of. We will continue to institute aggressive disinfection protocols in our hospital and all exam rooms, waiting room surfaces, doorknobs and other points of contact will be sanitized between appointments.

Thank you for your help.  We will get through this crisis if we work together!  Please stay safe and check in on your at-risk friends and relatives.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Kate O’Dwyer

Rosemont Veterinary Hospital 


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